Herva to release his debut album: “Meanwhile In Madland”

Herva will release his debut album, “Meanwhile In Madland”, this April.

The Tuscan producer, born Hervè Atsè Corti, only has one previous release to his name, the “Skin” EP on the Bosconi sub-label Bosconi Extra Virgin, the same imprint that will release his album next month.

The Extra Virgin subsidiary is for “organic house music where everything sounds ‘almost’ played by real musicians,” and Herva’s brand of deep house is appropriately heavy on the samples, with the producer citing soul, hip-hop and downtempo music as his greatest influences.

Herva is also a member of the previously-anonymous duo Life’s Track, who have appeared on Bosconi twice in the past.

A preview of this forthcoming work is available on Mixology.


Il disco di debutto di Hervè Atsè Corti, conosciuto come Herva, uscirà ad Aprile e si chiamerà “Meanwhile In Madland”.

Il producer toscano aveva già pubblicato l’EP “Skin” su Bosconi Extra Virgin, sublabel di Bosconi Records, la stessa che darà alle stampe il prossimo lavoro.

Una preview di questo nuovo lavoro è reperibile attraverso il mix che Mixology gli ha dedicato.


01. Meanwhile In Madland
02. Soul Crash
03. My Mono Relax
04. Broken
05. Useful Distortion
06. She Plays Tricks On Me
07. Breathe
08. In The Right Way
09. Memories
10. Rain
11. Triangle
13. Reality Madness